November 10, 2017

The Stewart Family

When the Boones migrated from Pennsylvania to the Yadkin River area in North Carolina, Daniel Boone became friends with John Stewart, a skilled outdoorsman, and Boone and Stewart explored the wilderness. Around 1865 John Stewart married Boone's sister Hannah. The hunting trip that begin in May 1769 lasted for a year. Boone and Stewart went off by themselves and twice were captured by Indians. All this was taking place in what is now southeast Kentucky. They escaped and in January 1770 finally rejoined the rest of the party, including Boone's brother Squire who had set out from the Yadkin River area to search for Daniel. Daniel, Squire and Stewart decided to stay in Kentucky and explore some more and the rest returned to North Carolina. When Daniel and Squire Boone returned to the Yadkin region six months later, they reported that Stewart had gone off to hunt and never returned. He was presumed dead. About 5 years later while leading a group of settlers into Kentucky Daniel Boone "by chance" happened upon a hollow tree which contained none other than the body of John Stewart. He reported this to his sister Hannah Boone Stewart and she was finally able to get on with her life. This information from Rootsweb website. There are family trees at which have John Stewart a member of our Stewart family but I do not have any documents to support this so at this time do not believe he was a family member.

Information on the Stewart family is from There is well documented research on this family on the stewartkin website.

Dr John Stewart a Scottish immigrant, sometime before 7-11-1691 married Elizabeth Alberti, daughter of Jan (John) Alberti & Elizabeth Scudder. Elizabeth was the granddaughter of Pietro Alberti. By 3-29-1694, Dr. Stewart & Elizabeth had moved to Jamaica, Queens Co., NY. on a parcel of land that was called Oldfields Island. By 1697, he and his wife moved to Monmouth Co., New Jersey. On May 24, he bought several more tracts of land & on October 21, 1697, he bought 150 acres of land adjoining the original tracts.

In 1700, he became the High Sheriff of Monmouth Co., New Jersey & held the position until sometime in 1702. It is not known whether he lost the election to Bailey or he chose not to run for the office again. However, later Bailey was killed and John became the High Sheriff again.

On July 17, 1700 John Stewart, High Sheriff of Monmouth County, and Henry Leonard were assaulted by a mob. According to a letter of an Andrew Bowne and Richard Bartshorne concerning the disorders in New Jersey"They turned out an Englishman who was Sheriff and put in a Scotchman who they thought would obey them without reserve. (NJ Archives2:327-328) They must have been mistaken and decided to show their displeasure.(On 8-27-1700, the grand jury indicted Richard Salter & 14 other men "for riotously assembling on the 17th day of July & assaulting John Stewart, High Sheriff, & Henry Leonard on the path near to the house of Alexander Adams, beat & grievously wounded the said persons, took their swords from them, break them, & carried them away & kept them, to the value of 5 pounds money of the province in breech of the peace & the terror of the King's league people." The above indictment is recorded in the New Jersey Historical Society Coll., F. 853.626,Pg. 352).

Will of John Stewart of Sussex County in the Territories of the Province of Pennsylvania, Chirurgeon, sick and weak in body; mentions wife Elizabeth Stewart, who is to be sole executrix; six children Samuel, David, John, Elizabeth, William, Johannah, and Mary, apparently all minors; estate in Castle County [Delware], Monmouth County in East New Jersey, and a farm in Queens County, New York. Dr. Stewart died shortly thereafter, probably just after the 1st of January, 1705


SOURCE: From the database of Mary Stewart Hicks. David Stewart was born in New York City about 1680 or shortly thereafter. He was the son of Dr. John Stewart and Elizabeth Alberti. Elizabeth was the daughter of Jan (John) Alberti and Elizabeth Scudder. It is not known how long he and his parents lived in New York. We do know that he and his Father, Dr. John Stewart, still lived in New York in 1686 when his father was a witness to a land transaction between Adam Wright & William Buckler. This transaction was also witnessed by John Townsend & John Newman. John Townsend & Adam Wright were of the Townsend & Wright families that were also related to the Stewarts. Sometime before 1697 the family had moved to Monmouth Co., New Jersey, in the town of Shrewsbury. Shortly after the family arrived in Monmouth Co., his father (Dr. John Stewart) became the High Sheriff of the County. David was probably married (circa 1710) while he lived in New Jersey but the name of his wife is not know. Sometime after 1702, he and his father and their families moved to Sussex Co., Delaware, to the town of Lowe.David's profession is generally thought to be a carpenter and he and his wife lived in Lowe, Delaware until his early death in 1719.


Samuel (1710) lived with his family first on Long Island, then New Jersey, and then Delaware. From there, he along with the Harrison's moved to Augusta County, Virginia. It is long thought that Lydia was a Harrison although no proof exists. n 1766 Samuel sold this property in Augusta Co., Virginia . Previous to this time, however, he had received a grant of land in North Carolina, in 1762. It was bounded on one side by property owned by his son David, who was a very young man and probably he had gone to N. C. ahead of other members of the family and had taken up a tract of land. On the other side of his property that Samuel had received was the Yadkin River.


in 1774, Samuel Stewart sold that part of the property that belonged to him and then in 1779 Benjamin and Joseph Stewart sold the property that they had received in their inheritance from Samuel to Edward Brooks. Now we don't know how long after they sold their property before they started the migration into Tennessee, Possibly in a very short while. We've always thought that they went directly to Overton County, Tennessee from North Carolina, (Overton was made a county in 1806). The migration into Tennessee started just over through the Cumberland Gap into eastern Tennessee and then slowly moved on through the territory.

Sarah and Joseph had 12 children named: Lydia, born in 1763 who married Abraham Howard; Joseph Jr., born 1769; John; Benjamin (Died in 1841); Margaret; Nancy, born 1775; David, born 1778; Elizabeth, born 1771; Sarah, born 1780; Samuel born 1781; William, born abt. 1784; and Jesse the youngest in 1790. These dates are approximate. They had a very large family, and we find that they finally settled in Overton County, Tenn., before the turn of the century, and lived there for a number of years.

Lydia Stewart who married Abraham Howard and moved to Illinois is George W. Etters 4th great grandmother.

November 10, 2017